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New Reservations
(800) 851-4528

Customer Support
(800) 851-4528

Travel Agent Program

Graphics travelagents ab27b3900b94c9e9ede0d0757c75f43868ff0357cc6c8e10ff13c39a18a6b7f3 Key Advantages of having a FREE Travel Agent Account with Shuttlefare:

  • One, convenient, password protected website to book economic airport shuttle transportation at over 65 US airports
  • Discounts on Cruise Transfers
  • Travel agents receive commission on all rides
  • Discounts on your own personal travel
  • Add client profiles and frequent used pickup/drop-off locations
  • Hotel and Residential Pickup/Drop-offs
  • Clients receive free baggage assistance
  • Simple Airport Pickup Procedures – Passengers either visit the shuttle ticketing counter to retrieve their boarding pass or in other cases, a representative will be standing curbside to assist boarding the vehicle
  • One easy login per Travel Agency with the ability to add agent names to the booking IDs, so all the agents in your office can use this free service and receive commissions
  • 24 hour / 7 days a week reservation customer service at (800) 851-4528, customer support at (800) 851-4528 or email:

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