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Astro Maxicab, located at 55 Tuas Crescent #05-02, Singapore 638743, provides luxurious and reliable transportation services for astrology enthusiasts. With ample space and comfort, it's perfect for group outings to astrological events or gatherings.

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Experience the ultimate in transportation with Maxicab, Singapore's top-rated service. Our impeccably maintained astro and mini vehicles, along with our flexible seater options, ensure a luxurious ride for groups of any size. 

Comparison with other transportation options


  1. Spacious interior, perfect for large groups or families.
  2. Comfortable seating and smooth ride quality.
  3. Professional and experienced drivers who prioritize safety.
  4. Convenient booking options through a mobile app or website.
  5. Competitive pricing compared to other transportation services.


  1. Limited availability in certain areas or during peak times.
  2. Potential for traffic delays that could impact arrival time.
  3. May not be cost-effective for solo travelers or small groups.
  4. Limited amenities compared to luxury transportation options.
  5. Possible language barriers with drivers if traveling in a foreign country.