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Ankara Esenboga Airport (ESB) Shuttle Transfers

Door to Door Transportation

Where is the shuttle pick-up location at ESB Airport?

Shared ride vans: Havaş Shuttle

Havaş’ pick-up location is in front of Domestic-International Lines Arrivals Floor. The stop is on the right side of the entrance.


Domestic Terminal:Arrivals floor, In front of the passenger exit door.

International Terminal**: **Arrivals floor, in front of the passenger exit door.

Rideshare: Uber

Uber is not available in Ankara at the moment.

Did You Know?

Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) is the international airport of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It has been operating since 1955. In 2017, the airport has served more than 15 million passengers in total. The name of the airport comes from the village of Esenboğa.

If you’re driving to ESB Airport, type one of the following addresses into your phone mapping app or GPS device to get directions:

Ankara Airport Code: ESB

Balıkhisar Mh., Özal Bulvarı

Akyurt/Ankara, Turkey

Click here to see Ankara Airport map.

Ground Transportation

If you’re visiting Ankara for the first time, finding reliable transportation might be challenging and overwhelming. Luckily, we are here to help you find a ride that meets all your requirements. Ankara Airport offers a variety of ground transportation options, including Ankara Airport Shuttle, Taxi Service, Car Rental, and Public Transportation.

Check below for more information about each transportation option.

Ankara Airport Shuttle

Don't leave your transportation to chance - book an Ankara airport shuttle ahead of time can and make your trip stress-free. We found the shuttle you can count on and information about the schedule and rates. If you’re going from Ankara Airport to the city center, this is the right shuttle for you.

Havaş Shuttle is the most dependable shuttle at ESB Airport. Buses do not have a fixed schedule, and their shuttle service is available for all flights arriving at the airport.

After your arrival at Esenboga Airport, you can use Havaş services from their bus stop in front of Domestic-International Lines Arrivals Floor. The stop is on the right side of the entrance.

The trip duration depends on traffic and weather conditions, but it takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the city. 

The one-way fare is 11.00 TL, which is only $1.84.

You can call this Ankara Airport shuttle at 0530 430 94 73 or 0530 430 94 58.

Shuttle Board provides you with a wide range of transportation services to meet a wide range of needs for their clients.

They offer:

  • Private transportation from Ankara Airport to the city center
  • Shuttle Bus Service from Ankara Airport

The shuttle service costs €3 per person, and the shuttle buses depart every 2 hours during day time.

To find out more, visit their website or call +90532 511 34 19.

Ankara Airport Taxi

Taxi services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find a taxi cab at the Domestic and International Arrivals and Departures floors.

You probably want to know more about prices? Don’t worry, we found taxi fares in Ankara:

Taxi Start 
4.00 TL
Taxi 1km 
3.00 TL
Waiting per Hour
20.00 TL ($3.35)

Car Rental

Ankara is Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital and a center for the performing arts, home to the State Opera and Ballet, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, and several national theater companies. 

So, there are many interesting places and popular attractions. If you want to explore the area by yourself and have a car just to yourself, you should rent a car. 

The companies in the lists below offer rental car services.

Companies at the International Terminal
Phone Number
0 312 398 21 60
Eco Rent a Car
0 312 398 21 63
Div Rent a Car
0 312 398 22 55
Thrifty Rent a Car
0 312 398 24 54
0 312 999 50 14
Companies at the Domestic Terminal
Phone Number
0 312 398 21 90
0 312 398 03 15
0 312 398 20 34
0 312 398 05 25
0 312 398 21 66
0 312 398 05 03
0 312 398 05 35
0 312 398 22 03
Rent GO
0 312 398 01 98
0 312 999 50 10

Public Transportation

The city's public transportation is a great and cost-effective way of traveling to and from Ankara Airport. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, public transit is a great transportation option.

A line that serves ESB Airport is Public Transport Bus Line 442.

You can find the bus stop at the following locations:

  • Domestic Terminal: Arrivals floor, In front of the passenger exit door.
  • International Terminal: Arrivals floor, in front of the passenger exit door.

The full fare for adults is $2.50.

Regardless of where you are going, Esenboğa International airport has the assets to get you where you have to go. Esenboğa International is situated at Balıkhisar Mh. Esenboğa Havaalanı Girişi, 06970 Akyurt/Ankara, Turkey. The airport's advanced plan and engineering justify itself with real evidence. This wonderful office uses sky facing window boards all through terminal to light the office amid the sunshine hours.

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Ankara Esenboga Airport Shuttle Companies