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DTW Metro Airport Shuttle

Traveling to and from Detroit Metro Airport? We've got you covered. Choose from shuttles, rideshare services, taxis, private car service, rental cars, or public transit. Reserve online for the best deals and save up to 50% on your transfer!

Did You Know?

Lyft DTW to:

Detroit Downtown: $33 Ann Arbor: $39 Plymouth: $26 The Henry Ford Museum: $26 Comerica Park: $34 Detroit Institute of Arts: $33

Top Detroit Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Detroit Airport Shuttle Companies

Ground Transportation

At Wayne County Airport (DTW) in Detroit, multiple transport options cater to travelers:

  • Shared Shuttles: Companies like Airride offer cost-effective, timely rides with spacious seating. Perfect for individuals and groups.

  • Luxury Services: For a premium experience, options like Metrocars provide limousines and luxury vans, ensuring privacy and comfort.

  • Inter-City Transfers: Services such as Weedacars connect to nearby cities like Toledo and Lansing.

Resources: The DTW website offers an interactive map and video guides. Many shuttle services also have user-friendly mobile apps. For feedback, check reviews on sites like iFly to compare experiences and rates.

View Top Destinations and Transfer Rates & Availability

Detroit Downtown
Ann Arbor
Auburn Hills
Royal Oak

All listed fares are for sedan cars (up to 4 people). For minivan/large van rates or other cities, please call (248)-730-0253 or toll-free 1-800-381-1714.


If you want to share your ride or arrange another TNC service, you have two options: Uber  and Lyft. Both companies pick up and drop off passengers at DTW. We’ve selected some destinations in the city and the area and found out the estimated prices. Check the following list to find them out.

Lyft DTW to:

  • Detroit Downtown: $33
  • Ann Arbor: $39
  • Plymouth: $26
  • The Henry Ford Museum: $26
  • Comerica Park: $34
  • Detroit Institute of Arts: $33

Taxi Service & Private Transfers

Looking for a prompt and flexible ride? Look no further than Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Choose between two top-notch companies, Metro Cars (800-456-1701) and Metro Cab (734-997-6500), for private car or taxi services. The fare from DTW to Downtown Detroit is just $60. Simply head to the Ground Transportation Center on Level 4 of McNamara Terminal or the upper level of the Ground Transportation Center at North Terminal. Get ready for convenient transportation that matches your style!