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JOHN F. KENNEDY AIRPORT SHUTTLE  - Great deals on JFK shuttle rate transfers to many popular destinations near John F. Kennedy. Fast, easy online reservations. Fares starting at $22.53 per person.

For all those visiting New York City for the first time, welcome.  We have hopefully prepared this page for you to stress less about your transportation once you arrive, so you can sit back and enjoy every moment in NYC.  Be sure to scroll down to quickly view JFK Airport Shuttle rates of all the ground transportation options available to you.

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The Big Apple is the most populated city in the US and a major influence around the world in commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion and entertainment. services JFK and over 50 other cities with airport shuttles, Supershuttle, and blue van reservations. If you need a ride to or from JFK, reserve your airport shuttle JFK with Shuttlefare today.

Prices from:

  • Lyft $16.00 USD
  • Private Car $38.00 USD
  • GO Airlink Shared Shuttle $47.00 USD

Top Jamaica Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

New York John F. Kennedy Airport Shuttle Companies

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Queens, NY 11430, USA

If you’re driving to JFK, you’ll be headed to the borough of Queens, about 15 miles outside of Manhattan.  We recommend using Google maps for directions.  JFK Parking Rates, reviews and reservations can are offered on and - both great resources.

There are several major airports within 20-30 miles of JFK, including Long Island Islip and LaGuardia Airports, click the aforementioned link to learn more about the airport's ground transportation options.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Jamaica, NY with JFK only 5.91 miles (9.52 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

You can also find the cheapest flights from John F. Kennedy JFK Airport.

Several Airport Transfer services are available to take you to your desired destination in or around the city.

*Est. costs are subject to change and subject to availability.  Bus routes may not be point to point and may require an additional Uber/Lyft/Taxi ride.  IMPORTANT: Please visit the Operators site (by clicking the link above) for more information. 

Destination Service Type Operator Est. Cost
Clifton, NJ Trains / Bus LIRR / NJ Transit $10 - $15 USD
Hartford, CT Airport Shuttle CT Limo $97 USD
Manchester, CT Airport Shuttle Wilsa $65 USD
Philadelphia, PA Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Langhorne PA Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Yardley - Newtown Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Trevose - Bensalem Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
King of Prussia Airport Shuttle Supertrans $70 USD
Plymouth Meeting Airport Shuttle Supertrans $65 USD
Radnor Airport Shuttle Supertrans $65 USD
Fort Washington Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Willow Grove Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Bordentown Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Mount Holly Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Mount Laurel Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD
Bellmawr Airport Shuttle Supertrans $60 USD

View Top Destinations and Transfer Rates & Availability.

Airtrain JFK

The most important things to know if you’re going to travel on AirTrain at JFK, costs, maps and what the stops are.  By far it’s the fastest way to get around the airport, including all terminals, parking lots, hotel and rental car shuttles and

NYC Public Transportation.

If you’re headed to Manhattan this chart will be useful

Location/Destination Rate Travel duration
JFK Airport Free Continous connections between terminals
Manhattan via Penn Station $5.00 + Metrocard ride $7.75 50 minutes
Manhattan W 14th St $5.00 + Metrocard ride $7.75 60 minutes
Manhattan W 135th St $5.00 + Metrocard ride $7.75 75 minutes

Public Transportation

JFK can be accessed easily via  the NYC public transportation system (MTA official website), including the subway system and Long Island Railroad aka LIRR.  


Like any major airport, JFK has a plethora of taxi cabs in and out 24/7.  Just be careful of unlicensed soliciting car drivers looking to offer you a ride from JFK.  We highly recommend tipping well and keep in mind, if you’re traveling from JFK to Manhattan, it’s a flat fee of $52.00 with a surcharge of $4.50 during peak hours (4-8 pm weekdays, excluding holidays).  You can have up to 4 passengers in a car and 5 in a mini-van and be sure to take your receipt.

Fares between JFK and Manhattan

Destination/Location Fare*
Manhattan $52.00
Bronx - Co-op City, Riverdale $58-$68
Brooklyn - Downtown Coney Island $42-$64
Queens - Citi field $24-$33
Staten Island $67-$79
to LaGuardia LGA Airport $34-$39
to Newark Liberty EWR Airport $97-$102

*does not include tolls, tip

If you’re looking for service to Nassua or Westchester, NY, Connecticut, New Jersey NW of Westchester County, we recommend reviewing the Shared Ride Shuttles listed below, because taxi service to their locations/destinations are metered and can end up being very costly.

Shared Ride Shuttle

You have two options to arranaging a shared ride shuttle at JFK.  

  • At the Port Authority Welcome Center upon arrival at any terminal, manned desk or Kiosks are available
  • By visiting their website or by calling ahead of time

List of Shared Ride Shuttles to/from JFK

Company Phone Booking site
Airlink New York 212-812-9000 Get Price Quote
All County Express 800-914-4223 Visit Website
Connecticut Limousine 800 472-5466 Visit Website
ETS AIr Shuttle 718-221-5341 Get Price Quote
NYC Airporter 718-777-5111 Visit Website
Red Dot Shuttle 800 377-8745 Get Price Quote
Super Shuttle Long Island 800-742-9824 Get Price Quote
Super Shuttle Manhattan 800-258-3826 Get Price Quote

Private Car / Rideshare Options

Company Phone Booking site
Carmel Car Service 866-666-6666 Visit Website
Execuar 800-253-1442 Get Price Quote
Uber Phone app only Visit Website

Car Rentals

JFK has all the major car rental brands, such as Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise and National.  If you’re from out of town, NYC and the surrounding area has a lot of tolls, and they’re expensive. So please either grab cash from the ATM or some of the rental car companies have E-ZPass which allows you to pay for tolls electronically and the Rental car company will bill your account.  

To learn more about JFK Rental Car companies visit their website  

Airport to Airport Shuttles

Here’s a list of all the Airport Connection service providers at JFK that are Shared ride only.  We’ve omitted private/group shuttles but you can find out more about those types of services on the JFK Airport site

Connection Company Fare Website
JFK to LaGuardia ETS Air Shuttle $11 Book now
LaGuardia to JFK NYC Airporter $17 Book now
Laguardia to Newark NYC Airporter $29 Book now
JFK to Newark NYC Airporter $29 Book now