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Aswan Airport is the capital of the government of the Aswan province in Egypt. The main airport at Aswan is the King Saud International Airport, which is connected to Cairo and Alexandria by air. The airport taxi in Aswan offers you many options to catch a flight to any location, whether it's the nearest airport or the faraway destination. You can even check out your cabin reservation and plan your flight on the go.

Aswan Airport is well connected by land to all the towns of Egypt, including the capital city. If you would like to go for a tour, you can do it easily at Aswan. There are many museums, hotels, and the beauty of the desert has been documented through written and oral accounts of the time. However, if you would want to get a good night's sleep before heading to your next destination, you can spend some time here. The airport taxi at Aswan is best at night, when the light of the city is still prevailing.