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Belize City Airport (BZE) Shuttle Transfers

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Belize City Airport is a popular destination for business and leisure travelers alike. Whether your flying into BZE or catching a departing flight and require reliable transportation - is your best choice.

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Top Belize City Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Belize City Airport Shuttle Companies

Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport serves Belize City, the largest city of the Caribbean country of Belize. BZE (also referred to as PGIA) is approximately 20 minutes drive from the city. It offers an array of amenities and services to its passengers, including several airport transportation options.

Travelers who are driving to the airport can use the address below for driving directions: Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) International Airport Road, Ladyville, Belize

Pickup Location / Where to meet your Belize Airport shuttle driver?

Shared-ride shuttles: To locate your shuttle at BZE, exit the arrivals terminal door, and the driver will be waiting for you outside the building.

Buses: To take a public bus to the city, you first have to grab a taxi to the bus terminal. Airport taxis are outside the PGIA terminal.

Rideshare: Uber, Lyft, or similar ridesharing services are not available in Belize.

Ground Transportation

If you’re flying into BZE for the first time, you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable airport transfer — Shuttle Fare will provide you with all the travel information you need! Goldson International Airport is less than 10 miles away from the city center, and airport passengers can reach it quickly and affordably. Discover all your options and a few helpful tips by scrolling down as we cover the Belize Airport shuttle providers, private car services, taxi cabs, and rental cars at BZE.

Belize Airport Shuttle

When it comes to low-cost transportation services at PGIA, airport shuttles are definitely your go-to choice! Travelers often opt for shared shuttle transfers because of their reliability and very competitive rates. Many travel agencies and private shuttle operators offer their services to BZE passengers, and we decided to look into each of them and inform you of relevant shuttle information, such as shuttle fares and pick-up locations.

Discounted Belize Shuttles and Tours is a Belize Airport shuttle provider with excellent reviews and, according to its users, a dependable and punctual service. They are located at Belize International Airport and available 24/7. If searching for a budget-friendly and trustworthy BZE transportation service, this is the one!

The rates in the list below are in USD; these are the prices for transfers between Belize City and Belize International Airport.

Number of passengers Price per passenger
2 $15
3 $12
4-5 $10

If there are more than 5 passengers, you’ll get a special discounted rate. Call Discounted Belize Airport Shuttle at +(501) 225-3034 for additional information.

Belize Ground Shuttle is a professional transportation provider that airport passengers find very convenient and prompt. Their daily shuttle service operates to and from BZE, San Ignacio, Placencia, and Hopkins. At the airport, you will find your driver immediately as you exit the arrivals terminal door (outside the building). The driver will be in a black Belize Ground Shuttle shirt.

The standard one-way rate for a transfer between Belize International Airport and San Ignacio is $35. Shuttles run to San Ignacio every day at 12 PM, 2:45 PM, and 4:30 PM. The Belize Ground Shuttle service to Placencia runs at 2:30 PM. Schedules are always available online, and the booking process is safe and simple. If you don’t make a reservation, you can buy tickets on-board.

Breathe Belize Shuttle Services can provide you with reliable PGIA transfers to locations like Belmopan, San Ignacio, Placencia, Hidden Valley, and Hopkins. Travelers are satisfied with their services and rates, which depend on the number of passengers. See the list below to find out the Belize Airport shuttle fares to several destinations; the prices are per passenger.

Destination/Number of passengers Rates
Belmopan $45 - 2 passengers
$40 - 3 passengers
$35 - 4 passengers
$24 - 5 or more passengers
San Ignacio $50 - 2 passengers
$45 - 3 passengers
$40 - 4 passengers
$35 - 5 or more passengers
Western Border $60 - 2 passengers
$50 - 3 passengers
$40 - 4 passengers
$35 - 5 or more passengers
Hopkins, Hidden Valley, Chaa Creek, Black Rock $70 - 2 passengers
$60 - 3 passengers
$55 - 4 passengers
$45 - 5 or more passengers
Placencia $90 - 2 passengers
$80 - 3 passengers
$65 - 4 passengers
$45 - 5 or more passengers

Belize Airport Shuttle Service (BASS) offers several convenient shuttle services, including private shuttles, group transfers, and shared-ride shuttles. Shared shuttles are the cheapest and ideal for budget travelers who need a transfer from the airport to Belize City or San Ignacio. Airport shuttles to Belize City depart at 10 AM and 1 PM, while transfers to San Ignacio are scheduled for 11 AM and 2 PM.

To book a ride, enter your name, arrival time, destination, and the number of people. Also, you need to make a 50% confirmation deposit. When you arrive at PGIA, look for your driver right outside the airport exit door. If you can’t find the driver, feel free to message them via WhatsApp at +501-620-2267, and the staff will assist you.

Ron's Belize Shuttle is a great choice for passengers who are going to San Ignacio, as well as Hopkins, Placencia, and Dangriga. The shuttles run frequently and punctually, and the prices are reasonable, especially for groups. Booking a ride is very simple — fill out the form and pay either online or upon arrival at BZE. Private transfer services are available, too.

The prices for a ride between the airport and San Ignacio are as follows:

Number of passengers Price per passenger
2 $49
3 $40
4 $38
5 $30
6-8 $25

Belize Shuttle Service by William is also one of the best-rated companies in Belize City that serves San Ignacio, Belmopan, Hopkins, etc. They provide comfortable and safe airport transfers for solo travelers and groups alike. If traveling alone, they will arrange the ride to fit other travelers and thus reduce your expenses.

The rates vary due to the unstable gas price, and so you have to contact them before your trip to make a reservation and discover the exact fare. You can do that online or by calling (011) 501 620-3055. After booking the ride and arriving at PGIA, your driver will be waiting for you outside the Arrivals Hall with a sign. It’s a simple process that allows you to reach your final destination without any hassle.

Airport Taxi

Taxi cabs are available at PGIA around the clock, and this type of service is perfect for passengers with a tight schedule and people with a lot of luggage. If going to Belize City, taxis are a decent option but more expensive than any Belize Airport shuttle bus service; however, if you’re going outside the city, we highly recommend shuttles or rental car services.

Taxis are easy to find — you will see the taxi rank outside the airport terminal building. Before starting a ride, ask the driver about the price. The price for a taxi ride from Belize International Airport to Belize City is approximately $25. If traveling with at least one more passenger, you can split the cost, and the individual price will be similar to the shuttle fare.

Private Transfers

If you value convenience and privacy, arrange a ride through one of the numerous transportation providers that offer private transfers. This door-to-door service is faster and more comfortable than shuttle buses, but it’s also more expensive. Almost all of the above-mentioned shuttle companies provide private transfers, too. Some of the well-known companies include Belize Ground Shuttle, Julian Transfers, William Belize Shuttle, Discounted Belize Shuttles, Premium Rentals, etc.

One of the cost-effective private transportation options is provided by Discounted Belize Shuttles — the price for a direct ride from BZE to the city is $20 per person. It’s even more economical than a taxi service.

Car Rental Services

Travelers who plan on exploring the area and traveling around for a few days should definitely rent a car. Fortunately, Philip Goldson International has a wide range of airport rental car agencies located on-site, which is quite convenient. You can make a reservation online or upon your arrival at BZE; contact one of the following rental car companies if you need more information: A-Class Auto Rental, AQ Auto Rental, Avis, Alamo, Crystal Auto Rental, Discount Auto Rental, JMA Budget Rentals, Thrifty Car Rental, and Vista Auto Rental.

The Belize Airport Shuttle Guide helps you find and book transfers at Belize Goldson International Airport, but Shuttle Fare has a lot more to offer. Don’t hesitate to check us out whenever you fly out of airports like DFW Airport, Cancun Airport, Chicago O’Hare, JFK, LaGuardia, Newark Airport, Orlando International Airport, Sea-Tac, LAX, and more!