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The Bilbao Airport Shuttle Service is a premier service provided by the city's transportation authority to promote tourism. It is a very popular service that provides transportation services to tourists to get around the city of Bilbao. There are various types of the service, namely the airport shuttle, the airport taxi and the airport transfer. With the help of the reliable airport taxi, you can get an easy and fast way to get around the city by transferring from one location to another in the city.

On the other hand, the airport transfer provides an easy way to go through the city by sharing the same vehicle with the passenger. This service allows the passengers to enjoy the trip while they are in a group or by riding with their family members who are going through the airport transfers for tourism. The service is also known as the airport taxi service. In this service, you will get an airport shuttle service from one airport terminal to another. It is a very convenient way of going to the other parts of the city of Bilbao.

For the people who are not too interested in the short term traveling, you can choose the bus that will take you to the city. It is called the "Bilbao Bus Pass". If you want to hire the bus, you need to be at least of age 18 years. There are some routes where you can pay the fee while boarding the bus or in the journey. If you are booking the Bilbao Bus Passes, you have to remember that there are some tours and some excursions for the school children and the senior citizens as well.

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