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Choosing a reliable bus service is the most important step when making a trip plan. If you are traveling throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, or Florida, check out the affordable OurBus company. Apart from the reasonably-priced intercity bus tickets, it will also provide you with quick and safe rides. Use our guide to prepare for your journey and to discover everything you need to know about Prime OurBus transportation services.

OurBus — The Best Way To Travel

Whichever bus route you choose to book, the trip will be on one of the modern OurBus charter buses that provide various useful and convenient services. With this bus company, each vehicle will bring you to your final destination on time.

Each commuter bus is well-equipped, offers free Wi-Fi, and charging ports for your phones or laptops. Passengers have comfortable seats, enough legroom/storage space, and you can use their clean restrooms. Free water bottles are also available in most cases, and you can refresh yourself in between the bus stops or before you reach the final bus terminal. Please note that Wi-Fi reliability depends on cell phone tower signals and can be unavailable in dead zones. You should also know that OurBus does not own any busses, so the vehicles are not all the same; look for the OurBus logo on the exterior or dashboard.

Every OurBus Prime traveler is guaranteed to have an enjoyable trip with punctual arrival and departure date/time. Even though you may not expect all these perks for such a low price, OurBus assures you of their high level of quality.

OurBus Tracker

The bus companies give you another convenient option — the ability to track your express bus in real-time. The easiest way to see a route map is via the OurBus app, but you can use your web browser as well. You have to enter the confirmation number in order to do that, and if your number is ACX869, simply look for the bus tracker at

Prime OurBus Tracker is especially great for those traveling to a new destination who wish to call for a pickup from the particular bus stops. You will know when the charter bus is delayed, when it is due to arrive, see its precise location along the bus routes, and estimated travel time. This way, you can even arrange a taxi cab or Lyft before the trip ends and save plenty of time.

Flexible Bus Schedule and Our Bus Tickets

Thanks to an array of travel time options, you will easily find the one that fits your schedules and adapts to your plans. Apart from various time options, passengers can choose from nearly 100 locations, including OurBus NYC daily services. Some of the most popular bus lines are from New York to Washington, Boston to New York, Washington to Philadelphia, etc. The company also offers one connecting service — a shuttle bus from Brooklyn to Staten Island and Hamilton, which connects to a local bus that continues to Washington, DC.

If you have booked a ride but wish to change it to an earlier or later trip, cancel your original Our Bus ticket and transfer the money to the Prime OurBus Wallet, which you can then use to book another ticket online. Our Bus tickets are non-refundable but exchangeable up to 48 hours before the departure time. Also, the intercity bus tickets must be used for the specified time; they are not transferable to a future bus. You do not need to print your Our Bus ticket, simply present it on your phone with the booking information.

Great Prices

Having been a very important factor in choosing the city bus provider, the fares are one of the best things regarding OurBus NYC and OurBus Prime in general. Due to such competitive prices, no military or senior discount is available. If you are traveling with a child, note that children ages 2 or under can ride free of charge if they are sitting on the adult’s lap.

OurBus Prime enables each individual to afford safe local bus trips. We have discovered the starting bus fares for some of the top routes: New York to Washington $10, Boston to New York $8, Newark to Washington $10, Washington to Philadelphia $5, Indianapolis to Chicago $16, and Miami to Tampa $25. The most popular Our Bus stations are Union Station, Port Authority, Green Street Station, University Libraries, and Cattlemen Transfer Bus Station.

OurBus Reviews

Before you decide to make a reservation and buy tickets online, you should follow one final step — checking out the OurBus reviews by the travelers who have used this company. This will allow you to check if it really provides reliable services and has a high standard that you expect.

A lot of sites offer OurBus reviews, and we have already read a lot of them to help you reach the final decision. Everything considered, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and OurBus passengers are generally very satisfied. The shuttle buses are clean and usually on time. However, they can be late occasionally, and that’s why we suggest booking a one-way or round trip earlier than needed, just in case. It is also advisable to get to the bus central station at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

Despite the potential inconveniences, we recommend OurBus USA to everyone who wants secure and cheap shuttle buses. Hopefully, Our Bus services will meet your transportation needs, and our tips will definitely help you plan your trip and make it as hassle-free as possible. We also offer public bus information regarding Greyhound, Bolt Bus line, Blue Line Charters, Coach USA, RedCoach, and more!