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If you plan on taking a business or leisure trip, the first thing you should take care of is finding a suitable transfer. Intercity bus service is one of the most popular options, and we are here to help you choose the perfect one. This article gives you valuable bus information about Southeastern Stages, a regional transportation company that connects Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Keep reading to discover the bus schedule, bus routes, bus stations, and reviews.

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Southeastern Stages — Bus Tickets, Schedule, Prices and Reviews

The Southeastern Stages bus fleet consists of more than 40 modern motorcoaches, which provide scheduled transportation services between Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The company also offers private busses that you can book in advance for your convenience.

Each charter bus features modern amenities that will make your bus trips as pleasant as possible. The Southeastern Stages intercity buses come equipped with comfortable reclining seats, air-conditioning, restrooms, plenty of luggage space, and seat belts for your safety. A friendly bus driver will handle your luggage, and all you have to do is sit and relax. Passengers who wish to chat with their friends or check their email can use free Wi-Fi access available on each motor coach. You do not have to worry about your battery running out because there is a power outlet for each individual.

Persons with disabilities are able to board the vehicles without issues since every express bus is wheelchair-accessible. If you wish to charter a bus, and a disabled person will be with you, contact the bus company so that they can adjust the seating arrangement.

Southeastern Stages Bus Schedules

As we have already mentioned, this coach service connects three U.S. states and many major cities within them. The most popular destinations are Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Fayetteville, and Raleigh. If you are looking for a ride throughout this region, check out the Southeastern Stages timetable.

When you fill in the origin and destination cities, as well as the departure date, you will be presented with all available bus times. The number of departures depends on your shuttle bus route. Popular intercity routes have several departing times so that the travelers could book the one that adapts to their journey planner. The timetables will provide you with the departure time, every city bus stop/bus terminal, estimated bus travel time, and the bus fare.

Bus Fares & Bus Tickets

Online bus booking is the best and easiest way to get yourself a bus ticket. All you need to do is enter the departure/arrival city and date, after which you can choose the most suitable departure and price for your bus trip. We suggest that you buy bus tickets online because it might get you a discount. You can also buy tickets at a bus station or use ticket vending machines. Anyway, remember to bring a printed ticket and a valid photo ID.

To help you out, we will list the Southeastern Stages bus charter fares for several routes. Check them out to see the average prices, and check their website to find out the rates for other destinations. If searching for a bus from Atlanta to Madison, the fare will be $14. The ticket to Myrtle Beach from Charleston is $22, and you will pay only $12 for a bus from Fayetteville to Raleigh. The price for a ride from Atlanta to Columbia is $36. Buy your ticket online or get round trip tickets right away to reduce your expenses.

Southeastern Stages Reviews

When choosing long-distance bus companies, one of the most important steps is discovering passenger transportation experiences. You can do this by checking out the customer reviews, which are available to travelers on many websites. To save you from going through countless pages, we have already done that — find out the Southeastern Stages advantages and disadvantages below. This will help you decide if the business meets your expectations.

PROS: Reliable service, cleanliness, ADA-compliant charters, helpful staff, polite drivers. CONS: Making unscheduled bus stops, tardiness.

In conclusion: The Southeastern Stages reviews are filled with positive comments, which considerably outweigh the negatives. Of course, there are some complaints — buses were late a few times — but nothing to be scared of. Passengers are generally satisfied with express service and professional and kind drivers. We certainly recommend using this motorcoach company and hope you have a nice journey, which you will if you use our tips.

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