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Catania is a popular destination for business and leisure travelers alike. Whether your flying into CTA or catching a departing flight and require reliable transportation - is your best choice.

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Top Catania Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Catania Airport Shuttle Companies

If you are traveling to Catania and would like to experience a less formal and relaxed atmosphere, consider taking a Catania Airport Transfer. These Airport Transfers can save you both time and money. And these Airport Taxi services also offer the convenience of booking the exact date and time you require, along with picking you up at your hotel or other destinations in Italy. As a matter of fact, many travelers will be surprised at the extensive discounts available for City Tours, which include all or even most of the sights in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Palazzo Venezia, which is only five minutes from the CTA Airport.

As many tourists, most of the young adults and couples that travel to Italy, prefer to visit places that offer the latest trends and high-tech gadgets, Catania offers many attractive options for travelers in these categories. The city is filled with high-tech restaurants, bars and nightclubs that offer all the best entertainment in town. A Catania Airport Shuttle can be used to have access to these amazing options in town.

The city of Catania is well known for its unique style of "trattoria" cuisine, which literally means "baker's shop". Here, Italian bakers sell their products and make cakes for the local market. There are many options in town where tourists can enjoy these wonderful dishes, from the city's famous Pizzeria at the Rose Garden to the charming artisan restaurants such as The Log is filled with locally produced vegetables and cheese, as well as unique dishes prepared using local wine and organic ingredients. With such a wide range of choices, no tourist will go wrong in visiting the Italian art and culture. These many points are just some of the many reasons why tourists should choose an Airport Taxi service for their Catania City Tour.