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General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport curtailed CUU is arranged in Chihuahua, Mexico. The airport serves more than 800 thousand individuals every year. The city of Chihuahua itself is the state capital of Chihuahua. Travel Guide for Chihuahua It is Mexico's twelfth biggest city and a flourishing monetary focus with 9 noteworthy modern parks, more than 350 assembling and gathering plants, and 79 maquiladora administrators. It snows in Chihuahua on more than one occasion a year; in the slopes it can be very chilly in the winter. However summer can get as sweltering as 104 degrees. Fall is the most wonderful season to visit. The city has numerous area s that tell the historical backdrop of Miguel Hidalgo and the Mexican Revolution. Activities in Chihuahua Investigate the Grutas de Nobre de Dios which have a colossal arrangement of hollows with stalactites and stalagmites inside. The floors are made of cement and there are handrails. Visit Poncho Villas home, Museum of the Revolution. Find out about the Mexican Revolution. See the Government Palace despite the fact that security is tight after a death endeavor on representative Patricio Martinez life yet there is a territorial exhibition hall there. At the back there is the Federal Palace of Chihuahua. There are three houses that are must find in Chihuahua: Creel, Terraza, and Quinta Carolina. See a show or present day craftsmanship in El Palomar Central Park. At one time this was viewed as one of the most exceedingly bad territories in the city now it was pivoted with the expansion of the recreation center. Chihuahua Restaurants Denny's is found downtown; it's a well known 24 hour eatery that serves breakfast throughout the day, yet in addition some cafe supper like pot dish and steak. Wings eatery serve breakfast, lunch, and supper. They serve conventional Mexican dishes, soups, plates of mixed greens, ground sirloin sandwiches, fish and pasta. Customary dishes incorporate Burritios, Chili rellenos, Gorditas, Quesadillas, and Machaca con huevo. Inns close CUU There are numerous popular store lodgings in Chihuahua: Microtel, Hampton, Best Western and some more. They are typically mid-valued and will have similar comforts you are utilized to in the USA like pools, Wi-Fi, and mainland breakfast. There are numerous facilities that will cost from $10 to $30 every night in Chihuahua. You can discover numerous inns that are less expensive than that however the rooms will be soiled without numerous facilities. CUU Contact Information General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport Blvd. Juan Pablo II Km. 14 31390 Chihuahua, CHIH, Mexico Airport Code: CUU

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