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For travelers who arrive at the Hurghada International Airport, there are some lucrative options for shuttle services to choose from. But the most well-known of them all is ShuttleFare. It is a service that has a proven track record of superior customer experience and customer service. Offering premier class Hurghada Airport Shuttle Transportation services at the Hurghada international airport, ShuttleFare is a Business whose presence spans the Middle East, North America, Africa and New Zealand. With a widespread presence in many countries, ShuttleFare offers a relaxed hassle-free travel experience to passengers who are looking to unwind after a long flight. ShuttleFare has experienced drivers in its system who always know the place that they operate out of, very well. Hurghada Airport Shuttle Transportation from ShuttleFare is your safest bet for a well-priced drive into the city and to anywhere within it. It doesn't matter if you are on a business trip or to experience the place, the ShuttleFare service of Hurghada International airport is guaranteed to leave you getting out of the vehicle with a smile on your face. From the airport, Hurghada city is a 20-minute long relaxing drive via one of the major ring roads of the city. It is located at less than 7 kilometers from the city, making the city of Hurghada a very accessible place. The city itself is the second largest in Egypt and is located on the Red Sea coast. So a drive to the city from the airport offers a beautiful view of the red sea going by, as you enter Hurghada. Hurghada International Airport: The second busiest airport in Egypt, upstaged, only by the grandeur of the Cairo International airport, the design of the Hurghada airport is a straightforward approach to construction. It has two main passenger terminals and has close to a staggering 13 million people using its services every year. Some of the biggest names in the airline industry from all over the world have their presence in Hurghada International Airport making it one of the most critical travel spots in Egypt to reach the rest of the world. Hotels around Hurghada International Airport: Located just 7 kilometers away from the airport, the Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Beach resort, features an extensive swimming pool, health club and its own island with a private beach. It is one of the best five-star accommodation in all of Hurghada and it is full of pleasant surprises. You can get a variety of massages and indulge in the local as well as a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Every experience at the Red Sea Beach resort is guaranteed to be a memory that is going to last a lifetime. The Hilton Hurghada resort is another brilliant choice for a great stay that is located very close to the international area. Every room in this hotel is outfitted with private balconies and patios as standard setup and is sophisticated in the way it looks. It offers great outdoor activities like scuba diving in the Red Sea and various other water sports. Overall, this is a resort that is worthy of the five stars it has been given. Contact Information: Hurghada International Airport Airport Road, Qesm Hurghada Red Sea Governorate Hurghada, Egypt Airport Code: HRG -------------------------- Hurghada Airport (HRG) Shuttle Transfers Avis, Europcar, and Hertz are included in the Hurghada Airport Shuttle Transportation services from ShuttleFare. Our fleet can take you from the airport to your hotel, home, or another destination of your choice of the likes of Makadi Water World, Sharm El Naga, Sand City, El Dahar, New Marina, Shaab Abu Ramada. With the extensive experience of driving through the Hurghada city, our professional drivers can save a lot of your time, ensuring that you don’t miss your flight.

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