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Where is the shuttle pick-up location at MEM Airport?

Shared ride vans: TennCo Express Airport Shuttle

Go to the third lane out from the building lower level. Shuttle runs every 30 minutes with pick-ups at Column# 14 Yellow.

Buses: MATA City Bus

A public bus stop is in front of Terminal C at the baggage claim level, on the outer drive(the third across). Look for the MATA City Bus sign.

Rideshare: Uber, Lyft

The pick-up areas are outside each of the A, B, and C ticketing lobby exits on the outer commercial drive. Follow“Uber/Lyft” signage to the designated area.

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Top Memphis Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Memphis Airport Shuttle Companies

Memphis International Airport (MEM) is a civil-military airport 7 miles southeast of downtown Memphis in Shelby County, Tennessee. It is the busiest cargo airport in the United States and in the Western Hemisphere.

Several Airport Transfer services are available to take you to your desired destination in or around the city.

If you’re driving to LGB Airport, type the following address into your phone mapping app to get directions:

Memphis International Airport (MEM)

2491 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38116

Ground Transportation

If you need ground transportation from/to Memphis Airport, there are numerous means of transport that will help you efficiently arrive at your destination. You can find Memphis Airport Shuttle, Rideshare Companies, Rental Cars, Taxis, Limousines, and Public Transportation.

To help you book the best deal, we’ve listed information about each transportation option.

Memphis Airport Shuttle

Using a Memphis Airport shuttle is the best choice if you want an affordable and safe ride that is at the same time cheaper than taxi service. There are many shuttle services allowed to operate at MEM Airport. If you’re interested in their rates and locations, we have all the answers for you.

Cooper Express Shuttle is a reliable transportation company with competitive prices and safe services.

Their one-way fare from Memphis International Airport to Downtown Memphis is $32 (plus $2 for each additional passenger).

If you want to book a ride or to find out more information on this Memphis Airport shuttle, call 901-340-4496 and a member of the Customer Service team will contact you. You can also visit their website. 

TennCo Express Airport Shuttle is another shuttle provider available at MEM Airport. They offer convenient, reliable, and flexible services.

Their rates from Memphis Airport to all downtown hotels are $20 one-way or $30 for a round trip.

Upon arriving at the airport, retrieve luggage from Baggage Claim and go to the third lane out from the building lower level. This Memphis Airport Shuttle runs every 30 minutes with pick-ups at Column# 14 Yellow. It runs daily from 7:30 AM  to 9:30 PM.

TennCo Shuttle offers transportation to Memphis attractions and shopping malls as well. For additional information, call 901-864-0485.

Mears Transportation can provide you with a ride to/from Memphis Airport. Although they do not offer shared rides for this airport, they have other available services.

Their flat rate from MEM Airport to almost all destinations in Memphis is $90.

To find out more, contact them at 855-463-2776.

Hotel Shuttle Buses

Many hotels offer shuttle services to/from Memphis International Airport. Look for overhead signs for hotel shuttle stops in the Baggage Claim area near the exits.

To discover all the hotels with courtesy shuttles, click here. Call the hotel of your choice to find out more information.

Rideshare Services

Rideshare services are very popular nowadays due to their affordable prices. If you want to share your ride, there are two available services at MEM Airport: Uber & Lyft

We’ve selected some destinations and found out the lowest estimates; you can discover them in the following list:

Memphis Downtown
Beale Street
Memphis Zoo
Lyft XL

The pick-up areas are outside each of the A, B, and C ticketing lobby exits on the outer commercial drive.

There is another rideshare company available - Shuttles2go. They offer a discount to students.

You can make a reservation via their website or phone app. 

Call 901-216- 7913 for more information, or visit Shuttles2go website.

Taxi & Limo Services

Taxis depart from the center commercial drive in front of the Concourse B Baggage Claim area. A taxi coordinator is available to assist passengers with questions and special requests. Taxis are available from 6 AM until one hour after the last flight arrival.

Taxicab meter rates are as follows:

  • $2.00 - flag drop 1/9 mile thereafter
  • $0.20 - each 1/9 mile thereafter
  • $1.00 - each additional passenger
  • $20.00 - waiting time per hour

To find out fixed rates to some destinations, click here.

Limousines use the center commercial drive. Service for luxury limos must be pre-arranged and coordinated with the companies offering service to airport passengers. 

To find out which companies offer service at MEM Airport, check the list below.

Limo Company
Phone Number
Dynasty Transportation
Mack Transportation
Premier Transportation
Superior Limo
Tennessee Limousine Service 
T-Star Limos

**Rental Car Services **

If you don’t like sharing your ride with others, don’t worry, there are many rental car companies available at Memphis Airport. 

To get to Rental Car Services, start in Terminal B and go one level below baggage claim, to the lowest level, using an escalator or elevator. Follow signs that read Economy Parking/Rental Cars. 

See all available companies below.

Rental Agency
Phone Number

Public Transportation

Public transport is probably the cheapest transportation option everywhere. If you are one of the budget-wise travelers and want to use the bus service, you can easily find one at Memphis International Airport.

The airport has a public bus stop in front of Terminal C at the baggage claim level, on the outer drive (the third across). Look for the MATA City Bus sign overhead.

MATA Bus #64 picks up about every hour, and it runs every day.

A one-way fare for an adult is $1.75.

You can call MATA at 901-274-6282 for schedule times. They also have a website, if you need more information.