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Juan Santamaria International Airport curtailed SJO is situated in the Alajuel Province in San Jose, Costa Rica which is 12 miles (20 km) close downtown San Jose. Simple Rise Shuttle Service offers airport carry benefit that runs 24 hours. The administration is accessible to and from any lodging or downtown to SJO and can oblige up to 4 individuals. Costa Rica Executive Transportation and Transportation in Costa Rica likewise offer a comparative administration. Open transportation is truly shabby and simple to ride. The city is likewise entirely minimal so bikes are a simple alternative. About San Jose Airport The airport is given after surely understood Juan Santamaria who joined the Costa Rican armed force as a drummer kid after William Walker endeavored to oust the Costa Rican government. The Costa Rican President at the time required the overall public to take u arms to ensure the country. The verifiable record is that after a few individuals from the Costa Rican armed force neglected to set fire to and adversary lodging Santamaria volunteered with the condition that in the event that he kicked the bucket somebody would take care of his single unwed mother. Santamaria was fruitful however he did die and his triumph is commended on April eleventh as Juan Santamaria Day. San Jose itself is a level that sits at a height of 3,700 feet. Guests appreciate lavish green mountains and valleys. Activities in San Jose There is bounty to do in San Jose, Costa Rica. Attempt the Gold Museums contains Pre-Columbian gold work. The Jade Museum additionally contains a substantial gathering of Pre-Columbian Jade work. Golf Day Tours at the Marriott Los Suenos from 7 am to 4 pm. Some other intriguing spots and things to see incorporate voyages through the Butterfly cultivate and the espresso ranches. Volcanoes to visit are famous and in addition La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Numerous inns have clubhouse. The road life in Costa Rica is additionally occupied with road entertainers. Inns close SJO A significant number of the inns offer the best places to eat in Costa Rica. In the Gran Hotel appreciate Cafeteria Parisien which does not gloat the most energizing sustenance but rather compensates for it in air. In Hotel America appreciate Ganesha which serves Indian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Food. Inn America is around 15 minutes from the airport. Inn Grano de Oro's eatery benefit 3 suppers for each day. Sustenance is various and imaginative however can run a smidgen on the costly side. For most lodgings hope to pay amongst $80 and $150 every night. SJO Contact Information Juan Santamaria International Airport Alajuela, Costa Rica Airport Code: SJO

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