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Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport ordinarily known as A.N.R Robinson International Airport is truncated TAB is situated around 7 miles from Scarborough the capital of Tobago, Trinidad. The maxi-taxis work along a settled course and convey travelers for a settled admission sum. Some maxi-taxicabs will take you out of the way with some arrangement. Between the Port of Spain and Scarborough there is a ship benefit. Travel times are roughly 3 hours day by day and are generally modest. Water taxis likewise run convey around 400 travelers to and from the Port of Spain. The administration is financed and takes around 50 minutes. About Scarborough Airport The airport is named after the third Prime Minister who was conceived in Tobago, Trinidad. Scarborough itself has more than 17 thousand occupants. Tobago, Trinidad is a noteworthy vacationer goal. Activities in Scarborough Trinidad is acclaimed for its shorelines; the shorelines on the north drift all have fine sand and clear blue water. Be wary of flying out to Quinam's shoreline the water is dark colored potentially because of the South American Orinoco River. The most famous shorelines are Pigeon Point, Mt. Irvine, Grange, Bucco, and Canoe Bay. Other than the shorelines there are a few activities on the shoreline. Take a glass base vessel visit when you visit Bucco Reef a characteristic coral reef which is situated on the North Coast. From October to November the Hindu Festival of light known as the Divali is praised. Find out about frontier history at Fort George; there are some awesome perspectives of the sea. Amid the Easter occasions the goat races occur or go to Matura Beach to see the leatherback ocean turtles. There are numerous celebrations and jamborees that happen amid the Easter occasion time. There are a lot of dance club in Trinidad and Tobago. The most mainstream clubs are Club Zen, Degrees Lounge, String dance club, and Space la Nouba. Play a series of golf; there are a few unique courses. In Tobago Mr. Irvine Golf Course is a standout amongst the most famous. Scarborough Restaurants Trinidadian nourishments have Indian roots with different flavors included. The nourishment is hot and fiery; in the event that you don't endure hot sustenances well make sure to tell your server. Here are a portion of the dishes you will discover there: Rotis are flatbreads loaded down with chickpea curry with some meat and different vegetables (green beans, mangoes, or pumpkin). Phoulourie is a roadside tidbit that resembles falafels. Phoulourie are produced using ground chickpeas and flour they are southern style. Callaloo soup that is produced using a verdant green vegetable with braid or crab included for protein. It's not pretty but rather it is scrumptious. In the event that you've known about shake'n heat you may simply like shark'n prepare. Much the same as it sounds bits of shark are rotisserie. Generally this dish is presented with different sauces. Lodgings close TAB A large number of the national inn networks have resorts in Trinidad. The Crowne, Hilton, Hyatt are significant lodgings there. Leasing a shoreline house is likewise an awesome thought. Especially around the drift there are many shoreline house. A portion of the urban communities and towns don't have lodgings. There are visitor houses like the Little Inn and Miracle Healing that offer focused rates. TAB Contact Information Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport Airport Connector Road Crown Point, Trinidad and Tobago Airport Code: TAB

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