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Preparing a travel plan is often a very important step in the process of arranging a trip, especially when you are visiting a new destination. If you plan on having leisure or business bus trips soon, we suggest that you look for a solution offered by BoltBus and their dependable bus services. This bus company is owned by Greyhound Lines and provides both express service and reasonable prices.

Bolt Bus โ€” A New Way To Travel

Most of Bolt buses are new or improved and designed to meet the usual requirements of every individual. Therefore, all travelers will have access to the modern features needed for longer day trips.

One of the most wanted services nowadays is internet access, and the BoltBus passengers do not need to worry since free wifi is available on every bus. This will save you from boredom and allow you to work while traveling so that you do not waste any of your time. Now, you might be worried whether your battery is going to run down before the end of the journey. Rest easy, the new charter buses offer power outlets for each passenger, which means that your phone or laptop will be filled with power during the entire bus travel time. More importantly, these services are included in the low-cost bus tickets โ€” you do not have to pay extra money for it.

Additionally, Bolt buses give each passenger enough space to relax and enjoy the shuttle bus ride by providing extra legroom, comfortable leather seats, and a restroom. This is great since you might not expect all of these perks for such an affordable fare, but Bolt Bus assures you of their quality.

Bolt Bus Tracker

When traveling to a new destination, passengers usually arrange a pickup from the bus stop or central station, so they need to know exactly when their bus is due to arrive. The Bolt Bus company (Greyhound) is aware of this, and thatโ€™s why the bus schedules are accessible to each individual. Moreover, you can even track a particular bus online using their BusTracker. This latest tech will enable you to check any bus route map and see where any vehicle is at that moment. Simply enter a bus number and departing or arriving city, and you will quickly find out the bus location. So, if the bus is delayed, you will know right away and be able to alert anyone who picks you up at the bus stops. You can also call for a taxi cab or Lyft before the bus pulls up and avoid waiting too long for the next ride.

Flexible Bolt Bus Schedule

The Bolt Bus timetable includes various time options, and this allows you to adapt the travel time to your needs and plans. As such, you will have no problem booking the bus that is going to keep to your schedule. If you have already bought an intercity bus ticket but then found a more suitable time, note that some tickets have the option of switching to an earlier or later departure time. The only condition is that there is an available seat on the bus you want. For this reason, we advise you to purchase tickets as early as possible, especially if you are traveling during rush hour or peak times on weekdays.

Great Prices

One of the most important factors in choosing any kind of service is usually the price. Accordingly, you will be pleased to discover that the BoltBus tickets are available at amazing prices! The bus company allows everyone to afford safe local bus transportation, and you can choose from an array of tickets and rates. For this reason, passengers will definitely be able to find the option that suits all their needs. Book a cheap charter bus line to NYC New York bus stations, Newark Penn Station, Boston South Station, Philadelphia JFK, Washington Union Station, Bellingham, Everett Bus Terminal, Seattle, etc.

Bolt Bus Reviews

Before you buy tickets online from popular express bus companies, it is very important the check out the guest reviews left by the passengers who have already used it. This way, you will be sure that a business is reliable and has a level of quality that you expect. So, we have looked at the reviews to save you some time and give you all the information you need in one article. All the information listed above was taken from the official Bolt Bus website. Now, to make sure all of that is accurate, we read a lot of reviews on various sites, and opinions are mixed. The one thing all passengers can agree on is the affordable price. It is cheaper than Amtrak, Peter Pan Bus, Megabus, and Chinatown Bus, so this is a great choice for passengers traveling on a low budget. On the other hand, some complaints kept repeating among the Bolt Bus reviews. For example, power outlets did not always work, Wi-Fi access was slow, and some busses were late. So, just in case, we suggest that you take this into consideration when you plan your trip. Additionally, while some passengers were disappointed by an unfriendly bus driver, the rest of them were amazed by their politeness. If you're looking for a refund, you will have to contact customer service. All things considered, you should be aware of the possible inconveniences and give yourself extra time in case the city bus is late. Still, many people recommend Bolt Bus to anyone who needs a reasonably-priced service, and we agree with them. We also hope that the Bolt Bus service will fit your travel needs and advise you to use our tips to have a stress-free journey to your final destination! Book BoltBus Reservation