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Plan on traveling between New York City and the DC metro area? Vamoose Bus gives you a dependable and affordable way to do it, and Shuttle Fare is here to take you through the process. Go through our comprehensive guide to discover Vamoose Bus locations, prices, and all its advantages!

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Travel Safely With Vamoose Bus

Vamoose Bus has been providing comfortable and punctual transfers since 2004! On average, the bus service carries more than 25,000 passengers every month. The company offers standard buses and Vamoose Gold buses—see what they offer in the list below.

Vamoose Standard Bus Vamoose Gold Bus
56 seats 34 seats
Standard seats Wider seats
Limited legroom Greater legroom
Two-seat rows 12-single-seat rows
Standard service Premium service

Additional Gold Bus amenities include reading lights, folding tray tables, power outlets, and free Wi-Fi.

Go through the COVID-19 updates before your journey, and make sure you follow the listed rules.

Vamoose Bus Locations

if you’re traveling between the NYC and DC metro areas, Vamoose is the bus for you! Vamoose Bus services include regular transfers to and from the following cities:

  • New York City
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Arlington/Rosslyn, VA
  • Lorton, VA

The list below shows all the Vamoose Bus stops:

City Pick Up/Drop Off
New York City Penn Station Area (at the north-west corner of 7th Avenue & West 30th Street)
Bethesda, MD 7400 Waverly Street, at the corner of Montgomery Avenue
Arlington, VA 1801 N Lynn St, at the corner of 19 St N (in front of Cosi Cafe)
Lorton, VA Lorton VRE Station - 8990 Lorton Station Blvd, Lorton, VA (inside the parking lot)

You can compare Vamoose services to TripperBus, which covers the same routes, and see which intercity bus service is more suitable for you.

Vamoose Bus Tickets & Fares

Booking a bus ticket is painless, straightforward, and it guarantees a seat. You can reserve Vamoose Bus tickets by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to the official Vamoose website
  2. Fill out the short form—enter the bus route and date
  3. Click on Next
  4. Select the drop-off point
  5. Choose one of the available bus departures

If you’re traveling from New York City, the average bus fare is the same for Bethesda, Arlington, and Lorton. The standard fare is $49, while the Gold Bus ticket costs $60. However, if you wish to travel to NYC, the fares will differ. The standard bus ticket from the DC area to New York City is as low as $43, while the Gold Bus charges $75! Use the website to check the Vamoose Bus schedule for any day.

Vamoose Bus Reviews

Customer reviews are usually a reliable indicator of the quality of any company’s performance. Going through all the reviews can be time-consuming, though, and that’s why Shuttle Fare is here—to save your time and money! We looked into Vamoose Bus reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor, and the majority of customers have been quite satisfied with the bus services. To sum up, we created a list of all pros and cons noted by Vamoose users.


  • Painless booking process
  • Helpful customer service
  • Punctual departures
  • Affordable bus fares
  • Clean buses
  • Conveniently located pick-up/drop-off points


  • Unforeseen delays
  • Defective power outlets
  • Poor internet connection
  • Trips usually take longer than advertised 4 and a half hours


Vamoose Bus services are generally reliable, punctual, and reasonably priced. For these reasons, we recommend using this bus provider for your trips between the NYC and DC areas. To improve your experience and make your journey stress-free, we have a few handy tips:

  • Book a ride online and in advance
  • If possible, choose an early departure so that you arrive on time in case of a delay
  • Be at the bus stop 15 minutes before the scheduled departure
  • Charge your phone or laptop before the trip
  • Bring some snacks
  • Make sure you have enough mobile data in case the internet connection is slow

If you’re still not sure whether to choose this bus operator or not, Shuttle Fare can assist you in finding additional transportation options! Other companies that provide transfers between NYC and DC are:

Check out our guides and compare the services and prices to find the most suitable ride and have a pleasant trip!