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Where is the shuttle pick-up location at CID Airport?

Shared ride vans: Airport Shuttle Service

Go to the Baggage Claim area where you will find their counter directly across from Baggage Claim #1, and check in with the counter agent.

Buses: City Bus

Visit the information desk in the center of the terminal to provide assistance. Ask for the City Bus Route 11 bus stop.

Rideshare: Uber, Lyft

Open up the app to request a ride, and follow the instructions in the app directing you to the appropriate door. Call or message your driver with information such as Terminal, Door Number and any other information that will help locate you.

Did You Know?

The Cedar Rapids Airport (CID) has served the Cedar Rapids area for over 70 years and offers Rental car, shutle, limo, taxi and rideshare as 5 convenient ground transportation options. The Airport Shuttle Service operates in the airport and its shuttle transfers passengers  to an from areas such as Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Cornell College and Mt Vernon.

Top Cedar Rapids Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Cedar Rapids Airport Shuttle Companies

Cedar Rapids Airport (also known as Eastern Iowa Airport) is located in Iowa State and provides many destinations from Cedar Rapids City.

If you’re driving to CID Airport, type the following address into any of your phone mapping apps or GPS devices to get directions:

Eastern Iowa Airport 

Airport Code: (CID)

2121 Arthur Collins Pkwy SW,

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Ground Transportation

Need a safe ride to/from Cedar Rapids Airport? Don’t worry, CID Airport has many ground transportation options available. You can find Shuttles, Rideshare Services, Taxis, Limousines, Rental Cars, and Public Transportation.

If you’re not sure which mode of transport suits you best, check our detailed list with all the transportation options.

Cedar Rapids Airport Shuttle

If you want both reliable and affordable ride, this is the right choice for you.

There is one shuttle service located at CID Airport, inside the Terminal - Airport Shuttle Service

They provide passenger shuttle service between the Eastern Iowa Airport and the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Service Area.

They offer a mileage-based fare structure for shared van service. Check below to find out their rates for airport shuttle service:

One-way price
The Iowa City or Coralville Area
Most of SW Cedar Rapids
Most of SE, NE or NW Cedar Rapids
Most of Marion, Hiawatha or far NE Cedar Rapids
The Cornell College and Mt. Vernon Area

Upon arriving, proceed to the Baggage Claim area where you will find their counter directly across from Baggage Claim #1. Once you have collected your luggage, the driver will accompany you to the shuttle van.

For a specific rate quote to your destination, call 800-725-8460. You can call that number if you want to make a reservation as well, or you can use their website.

They also have a local number: (319) 365 0655.

Rideshare Services - Uber / Lyft

Transportation network companies, such as Uber and Lyft, are very popular and affordable nowadays. If you want to use this kind of transport at CID Airport, just download the app and book a ride. One tap and the car comes directly to you.

To help you find the most affordable ride, we’ve outlined the estimates from CID Airport to some popular destinations in the area:

Lyft XL
Cedar Rapids
Palisades-Kepler State Park
Mt. Vernon

Taxi Services

Usually, the most common way for travelers who need a ride to/from the airport is to grab a taxi cab. If you also want to find one, check our list below and find out all taxi providers allowed to operate at CID Airport:

Taxi Company
Phone Number
American Class Taxi
(319) 363 8294
Atlas Taxi
(319) 241 8294
Master Cab of Iowa
(319) 202 7070
Yellow Cab Cedar Rapids
(319) 365 1444


If you want a more luxurious ride, you can check our list below and find the most suitable limo service for you:

Limousine Company
Phone Number
Express Limousine Service
(319) 626 5466
Anaman Concierge Services
(319) 471 2347
Xquisite Limo
(319) 929 5466
Black Diamond Limousine
(319) 208 3236
RUF Luxury Limousine
(319) 826 1499 

Rental Cars

If you want to control your own schedule and have a car all to yourself, you should consider renting one. CID Airport offers the following car rental companies:

Rental Car Service
Phone Number(s)
(877) 222 9075
(319) 366 6418
(800) 527 7000
(319) 366 5522
(319) 365 7498
(800) 654 3131
(319) 363 0249
(888) 826 6890

Public Transportation

If you are one of the budget-wise travelers, you should use public transport since it’s definitely the cheapest option. 

Cedar Rapids Transit has a City Bus that operates throughout the city. Route 11 is available to the passengers of Eastern Iowa Airport.

Passengers are required to pay the appropriate cash fare or use a bus pass each time they board the bus. Check their fares in the following list: 

Cash Fare
Passengers with disabilities
Children ages 5 and younger

Linn County LIFTS is a public transit service that provides door-to-door service for eligible elderly and disabled citizens in the metro area of Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha. 

One-way fares within Metro Area:

  • Disabled - $3
  • Senior Citizens - $3

They also provide public transportation to all Linn County residents outside the metro area. 

One-way fares outside Metro Area:

  • Disabled - $3
  • Public Citizen - $6
  • Senior Citizens - $3

Burlington Trailways  provides intercity bus services from more than 40 locations. Visit their website for schedules or to buy tickets online.