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PARIS ORLY AIRPORT SHUTTLE airplane airplane airplane - Great deals on ORY shuttle rate transfers to many popular destinations near Paris France. Fast, easy online reservations. Get a free rate quote by using our search form above.

Did You Know?

Pickup Location / Where to meet your driver at Paris Orly Airport?

Shared ride vans: Super Shuttle

For arrivals to Orly West: go to door D. 

For arrivals to Orly South: go to the door K.

Public Transport: Bus Direct

Orly 1-2: exit 18 - Arrivals level.

Orly 4: exit 48 - Arrivals level.

Rideshare: Uber

Use your phone app to book an Uber ride, after which you will receive detailed information about your pick-up spot at ORY.

Nearby Airports

Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

Top Orly A Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Paris Orly Airport Shuttle Companies

Paris Orly Airport (ORY), often referred to as Orly, is an international airport about 8 miles away from Paris, France. It is located partly in Orly and partly in Villeneuve-le-Roi.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Orly with ORY only 2.59miles (3.53 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

You can also find the cheapest flights from Paris Orly ORY Airport.

If you’re looking for Paris Orly Airport address, use the following one to get directions:

Orly Airport

Airport Code: ORY

94390 Orly, France

Once you get there, you might need the Orly Airport map, and you can find it here.

Paris is one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the entire world with countless tourist attractions, such as the famous Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel), Louvre Museum, or Notre Dame Cathedral. There are much more things worth seeing in the capital of France. However, you first need to check out reliable Paris Airport transfers listed below and find the one that meets all your requirements.

There are various Orly Airport transportation options: Orly Airport Shuttle, Rideshare, Paris Taxi Transfers, Orly Car Rental, and Public Transportation.

Orly Airport Transportation

Anyone who's in love with art, culture, and fashion will love Paris too. You simply have to visit the Musée d'Orsay, Champs Elysées Avenue, Palace of Versailles, and Luxembourg Gardens. When you reach the airport, use one of the following Orly Airport transportation companies to get to your hotel, so that you can finally start exploring the city.

We’ve listed the best Paris Orly Airport shuttles; discover their rates and pick the most suitable ride.

Super Shuttle Paris offers several shuttle options for passengers flying into Orly Airport (as well as CDG and Paris Beauvais Airport). You can reserve a shared ride, a non-stop direct ride, or black car service through ExecuCar. Whether you need a shared ride from Orly Airport to Paris or a private car to your hotel, they will have an appropriate ride for every situation.

Check out Super Shuttle rates in Paris France from ORY Airport:

Paris City
25,00 €
Train Station
25,00 €
Gare du Nord
25,00 €
Arc de Triomphe
25,00 €
Disneyland Paris 
43,00 €

Easily book your transfer online and start your trip with no worries.

After collecting your luggage, call Super Shuttle at +33 01 41 47 13 00. For arrivals to Orly West, go to door D. For arrivals to Orly South, go to the door K.

Val d'Europe Airport Shuttle (VEA) provides a Magical Shuttle bus from Orly Airport to Disneyland and certain hotels in the area. The trip duration depends on traffic conditions, but it is approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

  • The one-way fare for this ride is 20 €.

Where to meet your VEA Shuttle at ORY?

Orly Terminal 4: Bus station - Stop 3 - Entrance 47d.

Orly Terminal 1-2: Arrivals level - Stop 15 - Entrance 18a.

Paris Airport Shuttle has regular shuttle service from any Paris Airport to Disneyland and hotels in Paris. This is a great transfer option if you’re traveling a few friends since you’ll get a cheaper ride and get to visit this amusement park for a great price.

Discover their rates to/from Orly Airport:

  • 1 passenger: 40 €
  • 2-3 passengers: 22 €/person
  • more than 4 passengers: 17 €/person

You can also book a private ride from ORY airport to downtown Paris and Disneyland:

  • to Paris: 55 €
  • to Disneyland: 70 €

Paris Airport Shuttle office hours are from 7 AM to 8 PM. If you have any additional questions, you can call +33 (0)1 76 21 89 89 or visit their website.

Airport Van is another reliable Paris Airport shuttle option if you need a ride from Orly Airport to CDG, Disneyland, or the city center. They offer both shared and private transfers. Their rates depend on the number of passengers; see more below.

Rates for shared rides from Orly Airport to Paris are as follows:

  • 1 passenger: 25 € ($33)
  • 2-4 passengers: 20 € ($27)
  • 5-8 passengers: 19 € ($25)

If you’re looking for a shuttle from Orly to Disneyland, the rates will be:

  • 1 to 4 passengers: 79 € ($106)
  • 5 to 8 passengers: 99 € ($132)

For rides between Orly Airport and CDG:

  • 1 to 4 passengers: 90 € ($120)
  • 5 to 8 passengers: 100 € ($134)

As soon as you arrive, call Airport Van from any public phone on 0800 699 699, and an agent will give you further directions. To find out more information, click here or call +33 1 85 08 06 03.

Easy Go Shuttle provides professional and private Paris shuttle service from Orly Airport to the city center, Disneyland, Palace of Versailles, CDG Airport, and more. To find out their rates, see our list below. Also, note that if you’re traveling in a group of more than 3 people, the prices will be lower.

Paris City
60 €
Paris Train Station
60 €
70 €
Palace of Versailles
70 € 
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport 
90 €

Where to meet your driver at ORY?

Look for the Easy Go Shuttle driver with a name sign after you clear customs. If you have any problem, give them a call at +33 (0)6 59 19 82 87.


Transportation Network Companies are popular in some cities in Europe as much as in the United States. If you want to book this kind of transfer, you’ll be happy to hear that Uber is operating to/from Orly. However, note that this Orly Airport transportation option can be more expensive than Paris Airport shuttles.

Take a look at our list to discover estimates from ORY and compare them with the ones above.

Train Station
20-28 €
Latin Quarter
26-35 €
Paris City
29-39 €
Eiffel Tower
28-39 €
Saint Michel Notre Dame
29-40 €
33-45 €
58-78 €

Use your phone app to book an Uber ride, after which you will get instant confirmation and detailed information about your pick-up spot.

Orly Airport Taxi

Grab one of the airport taxi vehicles to get to your destination promptly. This Orly Airport transportation option is probably the most efficient one. To locate taxis at ORY, go to one of the following locations: 

  • Paris-Orly 4: exit 48a.
  • Paris-Orly 1-2, Arrival level: exit 14a.

Pay attention: official airport taxis have the light on the roof of the car. You might be approached by people posing as taxi drivers when leaving baggage claim, but we recommend you decline any transfer proposal.

There is a flat taxi rate from ORY Airport to Paris:

  • to/from the Left Bank (the southern side of the Seine): 30 €
  • to/from the Right Bank (the northern side of the Seine): 35 €

See the map here.

Orly Car Rental

If you want to explore Paris on your own schedule, you should rent a car at some of the Orly Car Rental companies. This is a very convenient Orly Airport transportation option, and therefore it is more expensive than shuttle rides. There are car rental offices in each airport terminal working from the first to the last flight.

You can find their phone numbers and locations in the list below. To find out their rates, call the company of your choice.

Rental Agency
Phone Number
0 821 230 760
Orly 1-2
0 825 00 35 64
Orly 1-2
0 825 16 12 12
Orly 1-2
0 825 358 358
Orly 1-2
01 39 38 38 38
Orly 1-2
0 820 00 74 98
Orly 1-2
0 892 230 226 
Orly 1-2
0 826 102 427 
Orly 1-2

To see the entire list of rental companies, click here.

Public Transportation

Orly Airport transportation options can be expensive since the capital of France is a very popular tourist destination. However, if you want to reduce your expenses and save money for some tours or souvenirs, use public transport. There are numerous bus routes which serve ORY Airport:

  • Bus Direct line 1 - to the city center: 12 .

Orly 1-2: exit 18 - Arrivals level.

Orly 4: exit 48 - Arrivals level.

  • Bus Direct line 3 - to Charles de Gaulle Airport: 22 .

Orly 4: exit 48 - Arrival level.

Orly 1-2: exit 18 - Arrival level.

  • Orlybus - to Paris (Denfert-Rochereau station): 8,70 €.

Orly 4: Pier number 5 (close to the door 47d).

  • Bus 183 - to Paris (Porte de Choisy station): 2 €.

Orly 4: exit 47, stop 4.

  • Bus EXPRESS 91.10 - to Massy Palaiseau - TGV station: 2 €.

Orly 4: entrance 47, stop 3.

Orly 1-2: entrance 22, stop 8.

Rail (RER Train + Orlyval train)

Orly Airport is connected to the RER B station via the Orlyval shuttle train, which stops at the following locations:

  • Orly 4: entrance 48;
  • Orly 1-2: entrance 14 Arrival level.

The fare for both RER and Orlyval ticket (combined ticket) is 12,10 €.

ORY is linked to the RER C station via GO C Paris bus shuttle service, with bus stops at:

  • Orly 4: gate 47, stop 5;
  • Orly 1-2: gate 15, stop 7.

The fare for this ride is 6,35 €.