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Vologda is a popular destination for business and leisure travelers alike. Whether your flying into VGD or catching a departing flight and require reliable transportation - is your best choice.

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The Vologda VGD Airport is the second largest airport in Ukraine. It is located in Kiev, which is situated in the southern part of Ukraine. At Airport, you can travel to a variety of locations in Ukraine. You can travel by either hiring a private airport taxi service or by traveling by Airline Shuttle from the Vologda Airport to the rest of the Ukraine. The Vologda Airport in Kiev is the largest airport in Ukraine and serves as a major hub for flights to all parts of Europe. Travelers will be surprised at how cheap the Airport Shuttle services are in Ukraine. The Airport has a flat roof structure with a long, narrow passageway and also has a car park at the terminal area.

Vologda is an old town, situated at the river which originates from the Olsha. The streets are lined with traditional buildings, ancient churches and pagodas, which date back to the medieval times. The city is relatively small, with just over a million people living in the vicinity. As the name suggests, Vologda is the birthplace of Ukrainian composer Igor Stravinsky. Today, the city offers many tourist attractions such as the old train station, the Olympic Stadium, a major plaza, an international school, the Staunton art gallery, the Voda Street and the Southern Railway Station. Some of the historical sights in Vologda can be visited via the Airport shuttle bus, which travels round the city. Vologda is one of the most important historic cities in the Ukraine, which was the capital of the Ukraine during Soviet times.

The Vologda VGO Airport Shuttle can provide you with the convenience of a comfortable transfer and hotel accommodation while you visit the Ukraine. The airline also offers airport transfers to the hotel, which will be as economical as possible. While you are in Kiev, you can also visit some historical sites. The places of interest such as the National History Museum and Lenin Square have closed the doors to tourists, but you can still see them while you are in the city. They are the direct links between the old and the new Ukraine, which were built in the same time. The other important point about the Airport Shuttle is that it is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The service has been in operation since 1996 and is backed by two major airlines.