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John Wayne Airport Shuttle Service (SNA)

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JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT SHUTTLE  - Find great deals on SNA shuttle rate transfers to many popular destinations near John Wayne and make an online reservation in a few minutes. Get a free rate quote by using our search form.

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Top Santa Ana Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

John Wayne Airport Shuttle Companies

John Wayne Airport (SNA) is an international airport and the only commercial airport located in Orange County, California, USA. It was originally named Orange County Airport, but the county Board of Supervisors renamed it in honor of John Wayne, who lived in neighboring Newport Beach.

If you’re driving to SNA, use the address below, which you can type into your phone mapping app:

John Wayne Airport

18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707

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Also, you should check out the John Wayne Airport Parking Guide if you need a spot; we suggest checking out this guide, going through all the options, and booking in advance.

Ground Transportation

John Wayne Airport serves approximately 10 million passengers per year! So, it's no wonder that you have an array of transportation options to choose from, such as shuttles, taxis, limos, trains, buses, and rental car services. Learn more about each airport transfer before you opt for the most suitable one. Our guide will provide you with valuable info about all airport transportation services.

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John Wayne Airport Shuttle

If you need a cheap and convenient ride, you should take shared-ride shuttles or shared-ride vans. Shuttle buses and vans are a very popular transportation option at John Wayne Airport, Orange County.

At SNA, the airport shuttle service is available in the Ground Transportation Center, which is located on the lower level between Terminals A and B (a short walk from Baggage Claim). When you get there, look for coordinators who will be happy to help you.

In the table below, you can find all the companies and their numbers.

Shuttle Orange County
Phone Number
(714) 719-4197
(714) 715-9615
American Shuttle
(949) 295-6214
Apollo Shuttle
(877) 927-6556
(949) 586-4347
(800) 708-0560
(949) 651-8300
(800) 699-4826
(800) 670-8267
(949) 586-4347
(877) 977-3748
(800) 733-8267
Prompt Shuttle
(949) 833-7675
(949) 351-9560
(714) 713-9827
Superfly Shuttle
(714) 715-1885
(800) 258-3826

The most popular location near Orange County is Disneyland in Anaheim. So, if that's your destination, you'll quickly find a transfer ride for a fair price. There are many special rates and offers for groups of people; for example:

  • Airway One Shuttle services to Disneyland area hotels are available for $10 per passenger, while groups travel for as low as $7 per person;
  • Best Shuttle offers a special rate of $8 per person;
  • Advance Shuttle offers a ride from the terminal to the Disneyland area hotels for $54 for 6 passengers;
  • JWA CC Shuttle (949-586-4347) has a rate of $15 per person.

Note: some companies have temporarily changed or canceled their shuttle services due to COVID-19, so be sure to call before your trip. Also, reservations are required for shared and private transfers alike.


At SNA Airport, these three ride apps have permission to pick up and drop off passengers. In case you need one of them, don’t forget to make a reservation!

Listed below are the Uber prices in Orange County, California.

  • John Wayne Airport to Newport Beach: $23.57
  • SNA to Huntington Beach: $28.18
  • SNA to Disneyland: $49.05

Ride app drivers can pick up passengers on the top level of parking structures A2 and B2, and in the Terminal C parking structure next to the ticketing area (on the upper level).

SNA Taxi Service

John Wayne Airport has its own taxicab service owned and operated by Cabco Yellow. Taxis offer service to travelers from the GTC on the Arrival Level between Terminals A and B. You can also find them on the Terminal C Arrival Level near Column 14. Their taxi service owns standard four-passenger vehicles, seven-passenger vans, and even vans with wheelchair access.

Feel free to call for additional information:

  • (714) 999-9999
  • (949) 999-8294
  • (714) 444-4444
  • (949) 444-4444

When it comes to taxi fares, the approximate rate for a transfer from John Wayne Airport, Orange County, to Disneyland is $58.

Hotels near John Wayne Airport with Shuttle Service

Because of its convenient location, John Wayne Airport is close to a large number of hotels where travelers can stay and rest after their flights.

All the establishments outlined in the list below provide free shuttle services to and from Orange County (SNA) Airport. However, you should first confirm with the hotel if the service is available and make a reservation. You can find courtesy shuttles in the Ground Transportation Center.

SNA to Los Angeles International Airport

If you want to share a ride to Los Angeles International Airport for an affordable price, door-to-door service by Shuttle2LAX is one of the best choices for you. One of the reasons their fares are low is that they don’t have a call center. So, you will have to make a reservation online at least 6 hours before your pickup time.

Rental Cars

If you want your ride to be more comfortable and private, you can rent a car at SNA Airport in Orange County or book in advance.

On-site rental car companies offer services at the Terminal, and you will find their counters on the Arrival Level, between Terminal A and Terminal B. When you want to return your rental car, you should go on the lower level of Parking Structures A2 and B2.

On-Site Rental Cars Companies
Phone Number
(888) 826-6893
(800) 633-3469
(800) 218-7992
(800) 800-4000
(800) 261-7331
(800) 654-3131
(888) 826-6890

If your destination is off-site, don’t worry, there are many off-site rental companies as well. They can pick up passengers at the terminal and transfer them to their location. Off-site rental companies include Airport Van Rental, Fox, Go Rentals, Los Angeles Van Rentals, Silvercar, Thrifty, etc.

Limousine Service

If looking for a convenient limousine service, you must arrange one in advance. But rest easy, more than 500 limousine companies provide service at John Wayne Airport. Check your telephone directory or visit and search for "Limousines" in the "714" or "949" area codes. You can also use Google to find the best limo service in the area.

If you have any further questions, ask when booking the reservation. And, of course, confirm with the limousine provider that the company has a license to pick up passengers at Orange County (SNA) Airport.

Buses and Trains

Using public transport is a simple and economical way of traveling. If you cannot afford to rent a vehicle, buses or trains are always an option. The bus pickup spot is located on the Arrival (lower) Level, in front of Terminal B. Here’s the list of buses servicing John Wayne Airport:

The iShuttle has been temporarily canceled due to COVID-19. Before your journey, call and check if they operate to/from the airport in Orange County.

Also, if you've been to Orange County, California, and used the Disneyland Resort Express bus, note that they no longer offer non-stop bus services from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland.

Regional buses and trains

When it comes to trains, the nearest train stations are in Santa Ana, Irvine, and Tustin. All of them are approximately 10 miles from SNA Airport in Orage County (18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707). The closest Greyhound stop is at the Santa Ana train station.

You will find the phone numbers of the train stations in the following table:

Train Station
Phone Number
(800) 872-7245
(800) 231-2222
(800) 266-6883
(800) 371-5465

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, ShuttleFare is here to help you find your way to and from airports around the world! Don't hesitate to use our guides to find and reserve a suitable transfer; that's the best way to start your journey hassle-free and have a stress-free flight. If you're flying out of nearby airports such as Ontario, be sure to review our ONT Airport Shuttle Guide.