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Where is the shuttle pick-up location at KCI Airport?

Shared ride vans: Super Shuttle

Go to one of the Ground Transportation ticket booths located just across from the luggage carousels. Find a customer service representative that will direct you outside to the appropriate pickup location.

Buses: RideKC

At the KCI, 229 bus route has a bus stop at the Terminal C.

Rideshare: Uber, Lyft

After you land, exit on the Baggage Claim level and your driver can pick you up outside any door. When prompted, enter your terminal(B or C) and door number into your app.

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Getting to the airport shouldn’t be stressful and it won’t be if you use our fantastic Kansas City Airport shuttle service. We work with Super Shuttle Kansas City and other leading shuttle providers to offer you the very best in terms of service and price. We’re proud of our track record and make sure that, when you book with us, what you see is what you get. This means there are no hidden charges, making our prices extremely competitive. Whether you need a one way or return journey, our KCI shuttle service will be able to meet your needs. You could choose a private van for your party or save even more money with a shared ride. It’s really easy to reserve your Kansas City Airport shuttle journey through our website, so why not book your trip today?

Top Kansas City Hotels Available for Shuttle Booking

Kansas City Airport Shuttle Companies

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Kansas City (KCI) Airport Shuttle

Kansas City International Airport is a public airport 15 miles northwest of downtown Kansas City in Platte County, Missouri. The IATA code of the airport, MCI, comes from its original name: Mid-Continent International Airport.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Kansas City, MO with MCI only 16 miles (25.9 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

You can also find the cheapest flights from Kansas City MCI Airport.

Several Airport Transfer services are available to take you to your desired destination in or around the city.

Its largest carriers are Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines, both having many daily flights in Terminal B. In 2017, KCI had 11.50 million passengers.

If you’re driving to KCI Airport, type the following address into your phone mapping app or GPS device:

Kansas City International Airport

Airport Code: (KCI)

1 International Square

Kansas City, MO 64153

Ground Transportation

If you need ground transportation from/to Kansas City Airport, there are numerous means of transport that will help you efficiently arrive at your destination. You can find Shuttles, Ride Share Companies, Rental Cars, Taxis, Limousines, and Public Transportation.

To help you book the best deal, we’ve listed information about each transportation option.

View Top Destinations and Transfer Rates & Availability

Kansas City Airport Shuttle

Using a shuttle is the best choice if you want an affordable and safe ride that is at the same time cheaper than taxi service. There are many shuttle services allowed to operate at KCI Airport. If you’re interested in their rates and locations, we have all the answers for you.

We’ve outlined all shuttle companies along with their phone numbers in the following list.

5 Guys Transportation
(816) 891-9999
Abe’s Transportation, LLC
(816) 535-2186
Champion Shuttle Inc.
(913) 937-9444
(888) 245-7844
David’s Transportation
(816) 288-7250
Gratitude Transportation
(816) 665-7034
Ground Transportation Services
(888) 467-3729
MO-X Airport Shuttle
(877) 669-4826
(800) 258-3826

Super Shuttle is probably the most popular shuttle service and is available at Kansas City Airport. So, if you’re looking for a reliable airport shuttle, choose Super Shuttle Kansas City. They offer you a shared ride, a non-stop ride, and a luxurious black car. If you choose the shared ride, which is also the most affordable one, Super Shuttle will automatically group you with other people heading in the same direction.

Want to know their rates? No problem, we’ve already found that out for you. Check the list below and discover the best Super Shuttle rates from KCI to some popular destinations in Kansas City.

Shared Ride
Non-Stop Ride
Liberty Memorial
Crown Center
American Jazz Museum
Union Station
Science City
Sprint Center
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art 
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Jacob L. Loose Park

For reservations, call (800) 258-3826 or visit their website. You can book a ride through their app as well and receive special offers or Super Shuttle Kansas City discount coupon.

5 Guys Transportation

Offering point-to-point private car service. They have a minimum trip charge of $45. Call their office, and they can likely have a driver at your requested time. They will confirm your pick-up and drop off, give you the price and estimated arrival time for your driver.

To help you compare the prices and choose the most suitable one, we’ve listed the lowest estimates for some of the above-mentioned destinations.

Union Station
Crown Center
Jacob L. Loose Park
Overland Park Convention Center

You can make a reservation online or by calling (816) 891-9999.

For business and leisure travel, Abe’s Transportation provides reliable quality transportation to and from Kansas City Airport. It offers airport shuttle service, black car service, corporate transportation, and any special occasions. They have various vehicles and can seat up to 10 passengers.

In the following list, check out their lowest estimates from KCI:

Union Station
Crown Center
Jacob L. Loose Park
Overland Park Convention Center

The final price includes per-mile base charge ($1.00), metro miles ($1.00), std grat 20%, and an airport parking fee of $3.00.

For more information, call (816) 535-2186 or check their website.

Another dedicated shuttle service at KCI Airport is David's Transportation

Airport transportation starts as low as $30 for Outbound and $33 Inbound ($3.00 - KCI Trip origination fee charged on Inbound Flights or any trip originating from KCI).

They also offer:

  •  sightseeing excursions/charter - starting as low as $40 per hour
  • long distance transportation to Saint Louis, Wichita, Topeka, Omaha, Des Monies and many other locations - starting as low as $50 per hour

You can book your transportation by calling or texting your information to (816) 288-7250. You can also email [email protected].

Gratitude Transportation is a safe and dependable transportation service company from Kansas City that offers point-to-point ride throughout the greater Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas.

You can book your reservations online or by calling (816) 665-7034. They are available 24/7 for your convenience. When you schedule a pick-up, they’ll track your flight’s arrival time to ensure that they arrive on time.

Ground Transportation Services offers Kansas City airport shuttle and private vans from Kansas City Airport to Lawrence, Topeka, Eudora, De Soto, Baldwin, etc.

In the following list, check out the prices from the airport to these destinations (and vice versa):

  • to/from Lawrence - $95
  • to/from Topeka - $140
  • to/from Eudora - $120
  • to/from De Soto - $120
  • to/from Baldwin - $140
  • to/from Stull - $140
  • to/from Oskaloosa - $140
  • to/from Ottawa - $150

If you want a ride in a private van, the prices for these destinations are ranging from $150 to $220.


An Airport Shuttle is a scheduled service that provides Kansas City Airport Shuttle transportation between Columbia and the St. Louis and Kansas City Airport. Service can originate at Columbia, Kingdom City, Boonville, or at the airport.

The MO-X pick-up location is outside Door C9 of the C Terminal. The vehicle will be parked on the island curb, one lane over from the C Concourse building. The sign under the canopy outside C9 reads ‘’GATES 76-85’’, outside the last American Airlines Gate. Cross over the traffic lane to the island curb.

You can discover their standard booking rates in the following list. They include an allowance for luggage.

Round Trip
Express Service to/from KCI
Door-to-Door Service to/from KCI
Boonville McDonalds to/from KCI

You can save $2 to $10 if you book a ride online.

They also offer a group discount that applies to two or more passengers traveling together with the same itinerary and a single payer. The first passenger pays the full fare, and additional passengers are $40 per passenger for one-way travel and $80 per passenger for round-trip travel.

On-Airport Shuttle Buses

There are two on-airport shuttle buses at KCI Airport:

  1. RED BUS - offer free transportation to and from Circle Parking Lots and between terminals. Red Bus stops are located on the curbs outside each terminal building and are marked with overhead signs. They arrive approximately every 15 minutes.
  2. BLUE BUS - offer free transportation between the Economy Parking Lots and the terminals. At the terminals, Blue Bus stops are located on the curbs outside the terminals and are marked with overhead signs. In the Economy Lots, Blue Buses stop at each covered shelter. They arrive approximately every 10 minutes. 

Ride Share Services

Ride Share services are very popular nowadays due to their affordable prices. If you want to share your ride, there are two available services at KCI Airport: Uber & Lyft.

We’ve selected some destinations and found out the lowest estimates; you can discover them in the following lists:

American Jazz Museum
The Nelson-Atkins Museum
Uber Select
Lyft XL
Lyft Lux

Rental Car Services

If you don’t like sharing your ride with others, don’t worry, there are eleven rental car companies available at Kansas City International Airport. All of them share a Gray Rental Car Shuttle that stops at marked shelters at terminal medians. 

You can find out their contact information below.

Rental Car Company
Phone Number
(816) 464-2100
(816) 464-5151
(816) 243-5760
(816) 243-5757
(800) 800-4000
(816) 464-2500
(816) 464-2100
(816) 243-5765
(816) 243-5770
(816) 464-2100
(816) 464-5600

Taxi Service

Want to grab a taxi cab? No problem, you can find courtesy phones for taxi service both inside and outside the terminal at each bag claim area, and at other strategic locations outside the terminal exits. Make sure that you give the dispatcher your exact location. If you’re calling from your personal phone, call (816) 243-2345.

Rates are $2.50 plus $2.10 per mile. They may vary due to traffic delays and waiting time. 

Notice: City ordinance requires taxicab operators to take all trips regardless of length. If short-trip service is refused, obtain the name and vehicle number of the cab and report it by calling (816) 243-5237.

Limousine Service

If you’re willing to pay more, you can get a safe and luxury ride in a limo. There are many limousine services in Kansas City, and you can find their names and phone numbers in the following list.

Limousine Company
Phone Number(s)
5 Guys Transportation
(816) 891-9999
A+ Transportation
(913) 961-4449
(816) 313-7797
Abe’s Transportation, LLC
(816) 535-2186
Agenda: USA
(913) 268-4466
Crown Limo
(913) 730-3522
Custom Limo
(913) 631-5466
Executive Limousines
(877) 455-7880
(816) 801-8500
Extreme Limo
(877) 212-LIMO
(913) 831-2039
Johnson County Limo
(913) 381-5100
KC Global Chauffeured Service
(913) 515-5156
K-MO Limo
(913) 780-6200
Overland Limousine Service
(913) 381-3504
(800) 575-4845
Premier Transportation
(800) 279-1734
Prestige Transportation
(913) 257-3895
Regal Limousine & Transportation
(816) 584-0057
Tess Limousine & Airport Services
(913) 385-1100

To give you a glimpse of their prices, we’ve chosen one limo company - Executive Limousines, and you can check out their rates in the following list:

Executive Sedan Charter
$60 per hour
Limousine Charter Rates
$85 per hour
Saturday Rate: $85-102
GMC Denali SUV’s Charter
$85 per hour
Passenger Van Charter 
$75 per hour
14-Passenger Mini-Coach Charter 
$285 first 3 hours, $85 each additional hour
24-Passenger Coach Charter 
$300 first 3 hours, $85 each additional hour
35-Passenger Coach Charter 
$330 first 3 hours, $100 each additional hour

Public Transportation

Public transport is probably the cheapest transportation option everywhere. If you are one of the budget-wise travelers and want to use the bus service, you can easily find one at Kansas City Airport.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority will connect you to your destination through reliable public transportation.

RideKC operates to and from KCI every day of the week. 

229 bus route (Boardwalk-KCI Airport) goes from On 10th At Main Eastbound and ending in KCI Airport Terminal C. 229 bus time starts operating at 5:15 AM and ends at 10:15 PM.

The regular fare one-way to/from KCI Airport is $1.50. Reduced fare for eligible seniors, youths, and people with disabilities with a Medicare card is $0.75.

Riding several days in a row or every day? There are a variety of passes, priced for the type of transit you are riding. They are available online and at more than 40 locations throughout the greater Kansas